American Flag Face Masks: Show your Patriotism!

As Americans, it’s been a difficult year if not a trying several years. Hopefully, we will now engage in a phase of mending broken fences. Regardless of one’s outlooks, I think as Americans we can agree that in order to move forward, we should set our conflicting points of view aside and heal on a national level.

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Cleaning your Vehicle from the Novel Coronavirus

The entire population should be aware that cleaning hands and disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Information is still forthcoming about how this disease spreads and the ways to limit exposure. Many people want to find out how in order to keep the inside of the auto cleaned from infection? What do you do if a person was riding in the vehicle with the corona disease?

Clean the Inside of Automobiles Carefully

Think about all the public transit across the World. We have taxi cabs as well as buses for transit services. In the same manner as your cars/trucks, these modes of travel need to be cleaned often to avoid contamination.

The inside of the car/truck should be washed from the floor to the top. Doors, seats, armrests, windows, seat belts, door handles, and anything else with suspected contamination. Parts of the exterior need sterilizing where others have touched door handles and doors.

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