Popular Automotive Part and Accessory Manufacturers like Magnaflow

The automotive parts and accessories industry has become a thriving scene for brands.

The technology, quality, and precision are ahead of its time and something all customers are paying attention to. This competition is ideal for the market and illustrates the value on offer for those interested in customized solutions.


Heralded as one of the best aftermarket leaders in the automotive industry means Hypertech is a resourceful manufacturer. It’s a team of professionals with a robust and intriguing collection.


Having been around since 1918 means Dorman is a legitimate company with a reputable background in the automotive industry.

It’s got a wide array of parts, world-class customer service, and an exemplary passion for accessories.


Magnaflow is one of the market leaders in the automotive industry and was founded on the principles of performance.

The parts are unique, durable, and ahead of their time when it comes to overall value. Customers associate this name with the best in the business making it an ideal option as a manufacturer.


Flowmaster is a trusted name and has become a prominent specialty parts manufacturer over time.

It’s resourceful, competent, and prides itself on being innovative with all parts/accessories.


This company has been around since 1938 and has grown with each passing year making it one of the leading brands in America.

Edelbrock is renowned for its performance, quality control processes, and beautiful assortment of parts. If the goal is to find quality, it starts right here with Edelbrock.


“Smitty” or Basil Smith was the founder of Smittybilt in 1956 and has built one of the best and most productive companies in the industry.

Its collection of performance parts and accessories is meaningful, affordable, and fully personalized.

Smittybilt is a manufacturer that has given rise to major solutions such as the Nerf Bar and continues to add to its collection